Best Just Sayin’ Quotes

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We’ve compiled some of the best just sayin’, just saying and I’m just sayin’ quotes and compiled them here. Of course we’re just sayin’ these are some of our favorite just sayin quotes, but you might think otherwise. Leave a comment and let us know what you think are the best just sayin’ quotes you’ve seen.

Our Favorite Just Sayin’ Quotes

  • thatbradleyguy If the gov really cared about Obesity, they’d let me buy a bike instead of pay taxes. #JustSayin (shout out to @marksubel)
  • mariafrey If your website has a person walk on screen that starts to talk to me – I’m gonna shut you down. #justsayin
  • craftycmc Just guessing, but probably best not to start a personal ad with: “Girlfriend just dumped me, need a place to crash.” #justsayin
  • lkes0044 Fat lady outside tannin next door….anyone over 190 lbs shouldnt be wearin a string bikini…it grosses people out…#justsayin
  • lovely_porcha #ifyoucant keep your legs close please use birth control….we dont need more people like you running around…#justsayin
  • mommadona @janehamsher she sports a “homegrown” sweatshirt while lugging Trig around like a sack of potatoes ~ I call “TrailerTrash” user #justsayin
  • MegRoxTheVox Really? Who calls it a ‘lavatory’.. Just say bathroom and quit trying to act intelligent. You work at 7-11. #justsayin..
  • laprincesa757 If you’re a C cup or more it is nottt in your best interest to go braless. #justsayin
  • Dudes: wearing a “mong” (that’s a *man-thong*) = you never getting laid again. You’ll do better wearing real panties. #justsayin
  • This dude got the top down on his mustang like 4real the temperature n my car read 59degrez.. I believe that’s cold weather bruh #justsayin
  • Chocolate covered Macadamia nuts should be called “chocolate covered awesome.” #justsayin
  • maeusa i may, or may not, be in a dr pepper / twizzler nibs / traveling coma. #justsayin
  • markymark7 When your feeling dizzy…don’t take off your trousers at the top of the stairs ;) #justsayin
  • fuckjoey Saying the 1st thing that comes to mind isn’t always saying what u really want to say. #justsayin
  • tom_hart Why do officials review plays courtside on 9 inch monitors? My uncle has a better view sitting on his couch #justsayin
  • dorothybaez The Japanese whaling industry can kiss my fat redneck ass. #Justsayin
  • ARCrittenden Birthday’s should come with get out me jail free, excused from school, and excused from work cards… #justsayin
  • mizzcheriseee like i enjoy helpin people out, but damn i have my own shit to worry about too. #justsayin
  • ShuShu1124 i wish ppl knew that ringing the doorbell more than once don’t make me open it faster. makes me let you stand in the rain longer. #JustSayin
  • MrsDigger I would be more willing to consider immigration “reform” if the immigrants would speak English, pay taxes, & wave the US flag. #justsayin
  • stewiee_stewart Bitch you look like you just got hit by a what the fuck truck.! #justsayin
  • iR_Sweet if u look around and all your friends are hoes, chances are, you one too… #justsayin
  • @monishD People saying they will have ‘limited access to e-mail’ on day’s off are just plain lying #JustSayin
  • There’s a fine line between tan, and looking like you rolled in Doritos. #justsayin
  • HjDoesDesign Too all you fans that listened to that new lady gaga song and feel like jumping off a bridge. I support you. #justsayin
  • Mammons13 @JoAnneMoretti @Drudge_Report Obama says France is our best ally…but i think he just likes their first lady…im just sayin…
  • AVPINC623 RT @durandwhite: While your sitting there all day playing Call of Duty, your girlfriend is calling me to do your duty. #JustSayin

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